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Our focus is the performance of you company. Therefore we apply proven targeted Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing strategies, to enhance the steady stream of new customers and talents for Your business.

  • ­Quickest Way to Increase Traffic
  • ­Thorough optimization to increase rank.
  • ­Landing page design and integration.

We optimize your landing page for higher conversion rates, since our focus is not only to bring people to Your site, but to bring them in interaction with You.

We are transparent and work data driven. Via dashboard, you have always the possibility to check the performance of active measures.

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    Case Studies

    Budweis City Guide

    I moved from Germany to Ceske Budejovice in 2016. Without knowledge of the Czech language and local contacts, getting started there was quite a challange. No idea where to register as foreign citizen, no clue about healthcare and other institutions. Without given support, I felt a bit lost in transition.