Mobile First Concept

No twaddle with us, but straight & clear app development

In average mobile phone users spend 2 hours/day with their phone, whereby 85% of time on mobile apps. Why? Even the best responsive website can never achieve efficiency, UX, user-tailored customization and access to device HW.

Back in the days, mobile app development was quite expensive and thus only affordable for mid/big size companies. Well, not with Memic App Factory. We build scalable mobile apps from simple informational CMS to complex augmented reality (AR) apps or mobile app. We’ll provide You:

  • ­Tailored mobile app that directly connects your audience.
  • ­­Beautiful and modern design that makes difference.
  • ­Personalized, automated push messaging tools

In order to keep our development cost as low as possible we engage our potential customers and named 3rd parties (e.g. for graphical designs) into development process from the scratch. With provided access to our development platform, our customer can simulatanously follow the evolution of their app. And of course give as hints and feedback on-the-fly.

This make our development process very effective and efficient. Hence we can offer app development service at extremly competitive. I bet with You that our app development base price is equal to market price for website development. Don’t believe that? Well, try us &  get a quote for your app idea.

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    Our Mobile App Development Process

    Our comprehensive mobile app development strategy ensures a perfectly crafted application for your business.


    Apart from consultation regarding business background and app intension and scope, here we determine the types of devices your app will support and whether you want your app to be native, hybrid or web-based.

    We strategize with you to keep overall development cost as low as possible. This includes priorization on core functionalities, and eventually provision of “app-ready” content (e.g. pictures in appropriate formats).


    During the prototyping phase we evaluate design concepts and their usability in your mobile app.

    You can use our previewer app, and accompany the evolution of the app concept from the prototype phase onwards. Of course we adapt the UI/UX to correct for any shortcomings identified by You or us during this stage. Our goal is to finalize your app design concept and create a high fidelity prototype that will guide us through the actual app development process.

    App Development

    Upon your design approval it’s finally time to begin designing and coding. Following agile developemt process in weekly sprints we develop backend/server technology, API and mobile app front-end following . Our  thorough testing during the mobile app development process assures that application is stable, usable, and secure.   We manage the submission to the app stores for you and support you with the technical integration of your project into your existing infrastructure. Upon demand we conduct rollout workshops and produce media such as user manuals, screencasts and explanatory videos if required.