Why Branding Matters?

What branding can exactly achieve for your company?

  • ­Captures customer attention and builds loyal customer base

Branding is the first impression customer forms when drawing attention to your company products and services. A strong brand is able to express the importance of its drive mission and policies and bring the product od service closer to customer. A strong brand is authentic and transparent form of cohesive snapshot of the company. A strong brand contains marketing and advertising elements that makes visible v benefits of the company and its brand and form a bond and trust in the company and its business. A strong brand makes the customer want to remain with the company, which makes them to customer advocates. Customer advocates are actually the most valuable marketing tool.

  • ­Create employee commitments

Company creates more value when its employees are committed to the company’s values. A clear and transparent brand drives internal culture and motivates to spread a positive messages by worth of mouth recommendation

  • ­Improves marketing and advertising efforts to make the company more desireable

Branding makes the company more desirable to its potential customers by providing the answer of why you are doing what you do. Products and services are important, but branding and a strong company identity stands out from the ur other company in the industry. With a clear message and personality branding you strengthen your marketing and advertising efforts and support the sales team in creating value for customer

Either you need a brand that fits your company uniquely or you need help with your existing brand – reach out to us – we would love to contribute to your success.

    • ­Modern and evergreen logo for your business.

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    Our Logo Design Process

    Our comprehensive logo design strategy ensures a perfectly crafted logo for your business.


    Our first step in any design project is to build a creative design brief. In a personal interview with our clients we identify gain understanding about your business and your needs and expectations. Thereupon we conduct research focused on your industry, its history, and your competitors. We brainstorm, conceptualize ideas and make decisions on the possible design directions.  


    Every great logo design starts with a sketch. Be it a scribble on a memo, or a carefully created pen crafted illustration — every project starts with on paper.

    Here we take our time for iterations and refinement based on dialogue with customer.  Sketching is cheap, easy and fast, but most importantly, it’s an effective communication method between designer and customer.

    Occasionally  it’s hard to describe shapes or colours in words, so we recommend the client send us  some visual inspiration if they can.


    Once sufficient time has been spent on research and sketching, the draft production process begins. Digital implementation is usually executed using Adobe Illustrator, a vector based drawing program. Why vector? All logos are vector images, meaning that instead of pixels, they’re made up of lines defined by mathematical formulas. Vectors are easier to modify and scale. At this point, the most successful ideas developed during the sketching phase will be recreated on the computer.


    Now it’s time to narrow down logo concepts to the One. Once defined by customer, we mock it up on the various backgrounds to make sure the image, words and overall message translate across every medium.

    Final Logo

    Your logo finalized, it’s time to deliver your final files!  In general, we’ll deliver:
    • Layered source vector files
    • Layered EPS/PDF files
    • High resolution raster files for web, including PNGs with transparent backgrounds