The Face & Body Spa cosmetic studio has been run by two sisters for 15 years who are really top-notch in their craft. Not only their products, but also their work and their selection of additional employees are top notch.

Usually the studio is very well visited and the working stuff is quite busy. In order to increase comfort for customers and reduce work load on their stuff the studio owners were persuing automatization of administrative and commercial tasks.


Requirement was to setup a digitalize POS and provide an app with automized push notification, loyalty programs and e-commece limited to cosmetic products, and a simple webpage for the studio. All three products should be synched and adminstrated from one common and simple backend interface


We did it! We delivered a lightweight beautiful landing page (website), POS with HW installation and service and an outstanding mobile app for iOS and Android with automatized push messaging services. Into the mobile app we integrated customer loyalty analytics. Now the two sisters and their team can work more efficiently and strengthen the relationships with their customers.


  • +22.23% growth in sales
  • -12.35% average session duration
  • +5.64% sessions per day

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